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Reason #167 Why Someone Needs to Buy Me a Wii

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Figure skating screenshots! This looks super cute. I'm not sure how figure skating would work with the Wii, since I've only seen bowling and tennis played, which make more sense to me. However, a friend has the "Dancing with the Stars" game and claims it works out fine.

I'm assuming the screenshots are from "Deca Sports," which is slated to be released this summer and includes other sports such as beach volleyball and curling.

This is especially exciting due to the dearth of figure skating games out there. I've been trying to find one for my computer and all I can come up with is this old Michelle Kwan game. It's pretty hard to find nowadays unless you're willing to spend more than $30 on a used (and outdated) game, although there do appear to be some sellers on Amazon and eBay from time to time.

If anyone knows of any other games, feel free to let me know.