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Meissner Still Shaky

Things continue to appear shaky for Kimmie Meissner, on the ice and off. She skated in the World Figure Skating Send-Off Exhibition at the University of Delaware this weekend, and according to Delaware Online, it was rough going. Meissner reportedly had two falls in the show. It was her first public skating appearance since announcing she was leaving UD (where she had been training since 2000 and is currently also enrolled as a student) and her coach, Pam Gregory, to train with Richard Callaghan in Florida. Callaghan is famed for coaching Tara Lipinski and Todd Eldredge to multiple titles, including Lipinski's Olympic gold in 1998. The article said it's unclear whether Meissner is leaving UD for good, although the deal with Callaghan is currently only through the world championships.

Meissner captured the 2006 World Championships at the age of 16 only to fall to seventh place at this year's nationals, and a disappointing last place finish at the recent Grand Prix final. Callaghan is expected to work with Meissner on her jumping. According to the LA Times:

Callaghan, who has coached skaters to Olympic gold, three world titles and eight U.S. titles, has observed Meissner's problems from a distance. He said they spoke about a collaboration only after nationals.

"I can see in a skater's eyes whether they are going to be successful or not, and she looks like she has too many things going through her head," he said.

We'll see if he has the answers Meissner is looking for at the world championships later this month.