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More on Katarina

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I guess we don't have to worry about not seeing Katarina Witt anymore now that she's retiring. I was at the gym this morning and saw this amazing infomercial for "Leg Magic." Now, as helpful as this tool looks (or do I mean, as likely to cause a pulled groin muscle as this tool looks?), I find it hard to believe that Witt needed it to get in shape. I mean, she skates (or skated?) all the time! But I do appreciate a good infomercial and she looks very pretty in the video.

After seeing this, I wanted to check out what other figure skaters have been on the infomercial circuit (hey! If it's good enough for Suzanne Somers...). The lovely Peggy Fleming apparently hocked a product appropriately called the Figure 8 which received a not so shining review here.

Even the beloved Scott Hamilton got into the mix with the Ab Dolly. Have never seen his abs so I cannot comment on whether he's right that it's no gimmick.

If you're wondering what the most popular figure skating infomercial is (and I know you are), Google would have you believe it is none of the above. Rather, the most hits come from this bed infomercial with Finnish skater Kiira Korpi.