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News From Detroit (?)

Sasha Cohen has an interview in the Detroit Free Press today about her indecision on whether to continue skating competitively. I know she’s currently trying to make it as an actress, while also performing in "Stars on Ice," but we know how well the acting thing is going for some other former figure skaters (I'll refrain from naming names). I have never seen Cohen’s acting work, but I have to say that whenever she is anywhere near the ice, I’m interested. She is such a unique skater that I’m sure audiences would appreciate her whenever she competes but I wonder if she’d be able to match the technical prowess that would be needed to keep up with the current crop of skaters.

<!--[if !supportEmptyParas]-->And here’s a Detroit News article (wow, the Detroit media is all over figure skating today) about efforts by Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto to appeal to larger audiences. It mentions their recent use of Justin Timberlake music as a way to draw in a younger crowd. The article also takes a look at the major competitors for the ice dance title at the world championships.