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Rough Start for U.S. Skaters

Looks like things aren't going so smoothly for some U.S. skaters in their arrival to the World Championships, which start tomorrow, according to

Kimmie Meissner arrived just in time for her practice Monday, thanks to delayed flight. At least she got there. Ice dancer Brent Bommentre's luggage is still nowhere to be found after going missing during his flight from Philadelphia on Friday, leaving him without his costumes and his skates.

"It's as if it doesn't exist," said U.S. team leader John Millier, who has been keeping tabs on efforts to track down the bag. "They are keeping their chin up and laughing about it."

They don't have much choice with the world championships beginning Tuesday with the compulsory dance. Bommentre's roommate sent him a second pair of skates, and they were delivered Sunday. But the skates are never-before used and with the factory edges, and it it can take some skaters weeks to get used to a new pair of boots and edges.

As for the costumes, "the coach and skaters are trying to be creative," Millier said.

The pairs and ice dancing competitions start tomorrow. The ladies skate their short program Wednesday, while the men start latest - Friday.

The competition doesn't appear to be televised until Friday night - see the schedule here. It will be airing mainly on ESPN, with some Saturday programming on ABC.