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You Against the Dance

Well, the most important competition of the year is underway. Nope, it's not the figure skating world championships. It's "Dancing with the Stars" featuring Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi!!! YAY.

Of course, I agreed with the judges on Tuesday that Kristi was the b-e-s-t. And I know she's had choreography experience and knows about posture and form and all that, but I figure, if they are going to put her in the competition then I'm going to root for her.

It was kind of funny when Kristi was trying to say how dancing is out of her comfort zone due to the heels, the pointing of the toes, etc. HA...

But, the dance was AMAZING! She is so lovely and theatrical and graceful, everything you need to be on this show. I was impressed and I hope all the fans come out of the woodwork to keep her on the show.

My thoughts on the other competitors:

Shannon Elizabeth: She was so stiff! I think she was nervous or overthinking the dance. I think if she relaxes she obviously has the body to pull off all of these dances - a little height can go a long way!

Monica Seles: Ok, so she is not a natural. All the same, the low score was pretty shocking - she was definitely in a different league than Adam Corolla and Penn but she got the lowest score of anyone (tying with Corolla for the overall low). Unfair! I'd like to see more of her just cause I like her.

Marissa Jaret Winokur: I love this girl, she was amazing in "Hairspray" on broadway, and I just found out she survived cancer when she was in her 20s so I am all the more impressed with her. I thought she was adorable - but you couldn't have paid me to figure out which dance they were doing. I'm pretty sure she has the potential to keep up with the crowd though so I'm going to blame this week on Tony's choreography.

Priscilla Presley: Very elegant, very nice. She will definitely get the "wow, how old is she?" vote, but I don't think that she was amazing or anything.

Marlee Matlin: I wonder how she does feel the rhythm and everything - I have no idea what it's like to be deaf but girl can dance better than most hearing people. I am duly impressed. The one criticism is she was a bit stiff as well, a la Shannon Elizabeth, but perhaps everyone will loosen up in coming weeks, if they last.

Well, that's it. I guess we'll see next week who America wants to boot. Get it?? Boot? That was kind of a figure skating joke but a bad one. Expect more of that.