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Sometimes I Confuse my Duran Duran Songs

I just finished watching my DVR of "Dancing with the Stars." I think the judges are much easier on the men, on a whole. I was a little worried about Kristi when I heard the judges but thankfully she pulled out another triple nine to get 27, the highest score.

Marlee Matlin: I thought she was great, even better than before. However, the judges seemed to be able to pick out more problems than I could and gave her sevens.

The Gute: I love him because he's got such a great attitude, and he refers to himself as the Gute. However, he is not the greatest dancer. I never can really tell if they're doing a good job with the tango though because it's so slow, but I'm glad he got positive feedback.

Cristian de la Fuente: I may not know dance but I know bad posture when I see it and this guy did not deserve a nine. I guess the judges were watching someone else. Also, who is he again?

Mario: I could tell he wasn't on the game as much as before, which is too bad because he really has the ability to steal this competition, he's such a great performer and he obviously has the moves, I think it's just a question of practice now.

Shannon Elizabeth
: I think she's great! I can tell that she is a bit rough around the edges but she really does some hard moves and she doesn't look awkward or anything. Hopefully she will stay around for awhile.

Adam Corolla: I was kind of distracted by Julianne's wig. He was fine, an improvement.

Priscilla Presley: She was fine, I thought it was a good dance. This lady looks like she is truly in it to win it.

Marissa Jaret Winokur: Um...I definitely almost cried when the judges were telling her that she wasn't trying. I mean, everything about that girl says she's trying. Perhaps the choreography wasn't ambitious enough, but that's not really her fault. The fact that she scored lower than Adam Corolla was laughable. But not in the good way!

Jason Taylor: Better than I would ever have expected. Still, not as exciting as some of the others. The judges were so excited that this tall guy didn't fall all over himself that they forgot to mention that he was just as boring as Marissa and maybe that meant he "wasn't trying" either? OK, I'm a bit bitter. He IS fun to watch and has a great attitude.

Kristi Yamaguchi: She was great, but I agree that she could have emoted more. But she really is spot on (I'm guessing...again, the tango is tough for me to judge).