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Casting Call!

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The news about Johnny Weir’s upcoming show and Kristi Yamaguchi’s appearances on "Dancing with the Stars" got me to thinking about what other reality shows current and former skaters might be on, if they too partook in the reality television world. Here are some of my best guesses:

Sasha Cohen: Definitely "The Hills." I mean, she already designs clothing, just like Hills star Lauren Conrad. Plus, she studies acting so she’d fit right in in Los Angeles.

Evan Lysacek: Ever since seeing him come back from the flu in the 2006 Olympics to redeem himself with an amazing long program, all I can think of is "Survivor." He seems tough/smart enough to make it through a few weeks of tribal councils at least.

Mirai Nagasu: America’s Most Talented Kids, naturally.

Kiira Korpi: Big Brother. Because it’s more popular abroad than it is in the United States.

Daisuke Takahashi: Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew. Cyber Swan should be enough to get him on the show. Plus, it will remind judge J.C. Chasez of his old band N’Sync’s instant classic, Digital Getdown, which might sway Chasez in Dice-K’s favor.

Michelle Kwan: The Celebrity Apprentice. She’s conquered the international arena, now let’s see if she can last in Trump’s boardroom. And seeing her on a team with Gene Simmons would be almost as weird as seeing her sit next to Bode Miller at the 2006 Olympic opening ceremonies.

Katarina Witt: "The Girls Next Door." She’s not blonde, but maybe Hef will make an exception since she’s already been featured in his magazine (you will have to look for that link yourselves).

Jamie Sale and David Pelletier: "The Amazing Race." Come on, no couple’s that happy all that time! See if they’re still smiling after they get lost together in an open air market in Morocco or something.

Brian Joubert: "The Bachelor, Paris (2nd Edition)." Watch the ladies swoon and fight over roses.

Feel free to comment with any other suggestions!