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So You Think Kristi Yamaguchi Can Dance

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Well, Kristi Yamaguchi was up first yesterday on "Dancing with the Stars." I basically watch for her but I did manage to DVR through and catch the other performances. I thought Kristi was good. I really couldn't tell how much more she was emoting because I couldn't see her face for half of the dance, but she seemed a bit more dramatic. Thankfully, two out of the three judges agreed with me.

Kristi Yamaguchi
: Technically amazing, as usual. The choreography is difficult and smart but I'm sure she can handle whatever her partner throws at her. I think they'll have to get flashier throughout the competition to keep the crowd excited. And hooray for Kristi getting the first 10s of the season.

Marlee Matlin: At first I thought this was really lovely (and was that a real kiss? HOTT). But I wish there had been some more actual dancing.

Shannon Elizabeth: Wow, I felt so bad for Derek being hurt! I can't believe he could get through that, wonder how many painkillers he was on. This was a nice dance... but what is with all the mush, no wonder there are always romance rumors on this show. I thought Shannon did really well - some posture problems at the beginning but the judges didn't seem to care.

Marissa Jaret Winokur: I really saw the passion in this one and I'm glad the judges thought she came back from last week.

Adam Corolla: For some reason the mask made me forget it was Adam Corolla and I thought he was good for the beginning of the dance. Then some of the herky-jerky moves brought me back to earth, but I won't say I didn't enjoy it!

Jason Taylor: Great! I think this was the week of my drinking the kool aid for some of the people I hadn't really thought were so great in prior weeks. I appreciate his grace. ANOTHER seductive dance... Also, I do have to point out that Taylor DID stumble. And stumblers do not deserve a ten. As much as I enjoyed him, I think Kristi should have been on top of the scoring last night. Alone.

Priscilla Presley: Tied for my fave waltz of the night (with Jason's) because they actually danced. I think I finally got on board with Priscilla tonight - she's so effortless, yet she's so effective at the dances. I thought it was great (ironically, the judges didn't seem as impressed this week. this is why I'm not a professional dancer folks. of many reasons.).

Mario: Mario was very good, but this dance did not seem to have the difficulty of some of the other dances last night, so I wasn't that impressed. And the judging was all over the place, which I always find odd.

Could not find Cristian's dance on Youtube, but if I do, I'll update later!