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I just wanted to point you all to Johnny Weir's latest blog entry if you haven't seen it already. He writes about his performance at the world championships last month, where he came away with his first world medal, a bronze:

When I went out to skate in the long program I was scared to death. I don't know why, but I think I was really afraid to have a disaster and to make mistakes. Galina Yakovlevna could see that in my face and reminded me before my skate to just think rotation, land, continue, and so on. I tried to do that and I think I did okay. It was probably one of the worst performances of my season, but in no way was I upset. I landed my quad on two feet again, I was shaky on most of my jump landings and had to fight for everything, but that was a victory for me, I fought. A year ago I know I would have given up. I skated second out of the final six so I had to wait to see if I'd win a medal or not. I was in the mixed zone when I found out I had won a medal and I was so thrilled. It's hard to describe, but it was a huge weight off my shoulders to see the season through, and not stop fighting until the end. I finished the night in third place and I won the only medal for the United States, I was so proud.

He also has some kind words to say about Evan Lysacek's injury. He wrote that he was upset Evan couldn't be there and that:

"I hope he has a quick recovery and is back in top form for next season. I know we have a lot of bad press out there, but all reporters take things out of context and flip stories around to sell, and I really am not heartless and bitter towards Evan. I am happy to have a rival who is so competitive and who keeps pushing me to better myself."

I find his blog to be pretty interesting and his web site is frequently updated, so you might want to check it out.