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Dance Like Nobody But Kristi Yamaguchi is Watching

I did not get to pay as much attention to "Dancing with the Stars" yesterday as I normally do, but I do have some comments (of course!). I thought Kristi was so much more passionate than she has been and it looked great! I was worried the judges would mark her down but she got the highest score again, deservedly so. I think Kristi's trend is that the looser her hair gets, the higher the score goes. Or something. All I know is when it was shellacked to her head the judges gave her her worst scores and I was kind of scared. But last night it was down and gorgeous!

It was surprising to see Mario make a comeback and tie Jason Taylor for that second spot in the standings. I also think Jason Taylor continues the tradition of football players getting inordinate amounts of love on the show. He's great and he was extremely graceful last night, but I didn't see much difficulty in his performance. Shannon Elizabeth's hips came back to haunt her on latin night and she fell in the standings.

I think it was also obvious from last night that the love affair with Priscilla Presley and Cristian de la Fuente may be over. And, finally, some much-deserved love for Marissa Jaret Winokur! Yay.

I realized I completely left Marlee Matlin out before, here's her dance (For some reason, I didn't see it last night so I can't comment, sorry!).

Here is a good site for a quick recap.