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Congratulations Hall of Famers!

1988 Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano has been elected to the American Olympic Hall of Fame, said the U.S. Olympic Committee on Tuesday. Boitano is also a four-time U.S. Champ and a two-time world champion, not to mention the holder of more professional titles than any other skater.

Also included in the hall of fame class are 1960 Olympic Champion Carol Heiss Jenkins and well-known coach Carlo Fassi.

Heiss Jenkins won the silver medal in 1956 before getting the gold in 1960. Fassi moved to the United States after the 1961 plane crash that killed many top American coaches. He most notably led Peggy Fleming to the 1968 Olympic gold medal. He also coached Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton, among others. Fassi suffered a fatal heart attack in 1997.