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Kristi Yamaguchi Could Have Danced All Night

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I definitely enjoyed last night's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" more than I've enjoyed some others. Maybe I'm glad that they are getting down to the last few dancers, it's more manageable or something. Or maybe it's because the dancers were mainly AWESOME. I was duly impressed. However, I will also be critical below. Of course. (As if I could ever do any of it...)

Of course, Kristi Yamaguchi was still out of everybody else's league. But she finally did what I've been waiting for all season - ridiculously hard steps!!! Finally, I think she is ready for the crown. She was so good - I think last night's jive was her best dance yet, probably the overall best dance of the season.

Marlee Matlin was looking HOTT
. Or is it Haut? Either way, that's how she looked. Unfortunately the dancing? Not quite as attractive. She may be on the way out pretty soon.

Speaking of hot, Mario and Karina's dance should have been censored. To think, I was so proud that Kristi "let her hair down" last week. She may be great at the footwork but this guy is in another league as far as sexy. Although, he did seem to make Len uncomfortable with the overt sexuality...ha.

Cristian was good as well
- but I never pay much attention to him. Probably because I figure he won't win (but I guess I can be proven wrong!) and I don't think he's all that great.

Jason Taylor - I'm kind of tired of him (obviously slightly biased because I know he is competition for Kristi). Yes, he's elegant and graceful. I'm never really impressed.

Marissa Jaret Winokur - Wow. I had no idea she could dance slowly! I recognized steps and everything. I love her and I'm glad she was able to reign in the perkiness to do a pretty good dance.

The long lines that made Shannon Elizabeth appear so impressive on the first few dances are revealing her to be a bit awkward and not have quite as much rhythm on the later dances. Also, I really don't know if I believe the "showmance" stuff. Either she's a really good actress, or she was kind of disgusted by the "relationship" questions. And when Derek was putting his hand on her shoulder in an effort to be comforting during the scoring, he honestly could have been congratulating his hockey buddy on a slapshot goal. Not really so tender there...but he seemed to be pushing the rumors more than Shannon, so who knows.