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Dance Til You Can't Kristi Yamaguchi No More

Well, first of all, YAY for the figure skating scenes!!! Kristi was so cute. As for Kristi's waltz, I did not love it. It was probably one of my least favorite dances of hers so far, and I had to agree with Carrie and Len that there were some technical issues. It was still very pretty though and I love to watch Kristi dance no matter what. Her cha cha on the other hand, was ridiculous!!! So good, I could watch it over and over. Very complicated to my untrained eyes.

Shannon Elizabeth is not a dancer. She always has the moves down and puts her all into it, but she does not move like a dancer and she looks a bit awkward out there. I don't think she has a chance at winning just because she is a tier lower than the more talented dancers out there. Her tango was the same, although I thought a better job.

There were definitely some goofy-looking moments in Mario and Karina's mambo, but I did enjoy it. I think he is great and I really loved watching his mambo. Couldn't find his other dance, sorry!

Marissa's tango was probably not one of the most technically proficient ones we've seen but I absolutely loved watching her, she was so dramatic! And the judges loved it too. I also liked her waltz.

Cristian's waltz unfortunately accentuated my main issue with him, his slopy shoulders! But maybe that's just because he's so much taller than Cheryl? I'm not sure. Either way, it was a nice dance as always but he's not my favorite. Unfortunately, it appears that later in the show during his samba, he actually injured himself! I have no idea how he did it - he just seemed to be favoring it and then he couldn't dance anymore, and he said he pulled a muscle. Hope it gets better asap.

When Jason Taylor came out to the Monday Night Football theme, I nearly died. But I think he was actually inspired by it! I enjoyed the dance more than I have any of his others. His quickstep earlier was also fun and I think he has won me over again. But he'll never be like Kristi!