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Very Late Japan Open Results and Eldredge!

Apologies for the very late Japan Open results. The competition actually took place last week in Tokyo. Apparently this was a team competition - Japan vs. Europe vs. North America. Japan won. The North American team, made up of only Americans, was last. (Guess where Europe ended up!?)

A piece of great news is that Evan Lysacek actually won the free skate, beating Stephane Lambiel by more than five points, so I guess he is all better from his injury that kept him out of the world championships.

Kimmie Meissner and Mirai Nagasu came in fourth and fifth among the ladies. Mao Asada won the ladies portion, with Sarah Meier in second by by about five points. Yukuri Nakano was third and Kira Koorpi brought up the rear in sixth place.

Also, I was kind of shocked to see that TODD ELDREDGE (Wha??) was competing. I really could not find out much about this competition, but I didn't see any other elder statesmen in there, so it was shocking to see his name. He came in last place among the men with around 111. However, it should be noted that he was only three points behind Takeshi Honda. Wow, go Todd! I didn't even know he was still competing.

According to his website, this is only Todd's second try at the new code of points. I'm really impressed.