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Kim to Fans: Simmer Down

Korean skater Yu-na Kim would like a little bit of peace from fans while she practices. That’s what was reported in the Korea Times regarding a recent posting Kim had on her website (although when I visited the site, it stated that it would reopen soon, so I couldn’t check the post out).

The article states that the excessive attention has made Kim feel "bitter," and quotes the skater as stating:

``When you find me practicing on an ice rink, please watch and root for me in your heart,'' said Kim, who finished third for the second straight year at the World Championships in March despite a hip injury.

``As fans make noise while moving in crowds to watch me skate, other skaters training on the ice cannot focus on their exercises. I really feel sorry for them.

``Concentration is the top priority in practice. Although I fully understand your cheering, please don't distract them.''

Kim also asked fans not to use flashlights, which can be extremely dangerous to skaters.

Although Kim used to train in Canada, she returned to Korea after her injury and is practicing at the Lotte World Rink in Jamsil, Southern Seoul.

I wonder if any of the skaters reading this blog have had similar spectator distractions to contend with while practicing? Feel free to share.