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...and more Kristi

Kristi Yamaguchi threw out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium on Friday. And since I love baseball almost as much as figure skating I felt the need to share. Unfortunately, I could not find a like to the video - I'd love to see how Kristi did. She doesn't appear a natural ballplayer, she's so petite! Anyway, it was apparently the first trip to Dodger Stadium for the native Californian. She spoke with about her busy schedule:

"I came from a wardrobe fitting, then to rehearsal, then to a television shoot and now I'm here, and I probably won't be able to stay for the whole game, because we are rehearsing tonight as well," Yamaguchi said. "So it's a pretty busy schedule."

But the chance to throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game was an extraordinary opportunity that most people would not pass up.

"It's not something you get asked to do every day," said Yamaguchi. "It's definitely a special occasion ... and hopefully I can get some more people here to vote for us and get their support behind us.

Kristi could not name any favorite baseball players from growing up (obviously the lovely skater is not a baseball watcher, but, hey, she probably watches enough hockey to make up for it), but it appears she is a closeted Mets fan. (I have some friends who will be excited by that):

She couldn't remember her favorite players growing up, but when she was one of the recipients of the Thurman Munson Award for her community work last February, she got to meet a fellow recipient who really impressed her.

"I met David Wright, and he's an amazing guy," said Yamaguchi. "I was so impressed with him, his attitude and what he does in the community and, obviously, his career, and he's just a great guy."

Oh, David Wright, even Kristi Yamaguchi loves you.