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The Tonya Tapes

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Lifeskate has a transcription of Tonya Harding's Today Show interview yesterday. She was promoting The Tonya Tapes, which is actually a book. Not a VHS tape collection. However, the book is a series of recordings of Tonya describing her life. Anyway, check out the interview.


Here is a link to the interview at MSNBC, and another article discussing the book at International Herald Tribune (it includes excerpts from an Associated Press interview with Harding).

Harding's whole trajectory has been so disturbing to watch. For some reason it seems almost sadder to see it juxtaposed with the week's earlier happy news about Nancy Kerrigan and her growing family. Not exactly sure why that is, but I am guessing it's because unfortunately for me (like so many others) it is still hard to hear about either Kerrigan or Harding without wondering about the other.