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I Won't Dance (Unless it's with Kristi Yamaguchi)

WOW. That was some dancing going on out there on "Dancing with the Stars" tonight. First, the Cha cha faceoff, the first of its kind on the show. Cristian was first, and I actually enjoyed his performance, which doesn't often happen with him. I think this dance is a very good one for him, it didn't even matter to me how slouchy he was (although one of the judges - Carrie Ann - finally noticed!). Jason and Edyta were next, and unfortunately this is NOT one of Jason Taylor's strengths. He is better at the elegant dances, not the ones that require hip movements and more of a rhythm.

And then there was Kristi. First of all, she crimped her hair. The girl deserves a mirror-ball trophy simply for that fact. Second of all, she kissed Bruno, proving that she will do whatever it takes to win. You have to admire that...right? Her dance was also much more complicated than the other two, and she was so animated! I loved it.

Freestyle came next, and Kristi was first. I don't know who dressed her this evening, but I must say that apparently the only way to make Kristi Yamaguchi look bad is to take away the heels and put her in sequined pinstripes. Despite the fashion no-no, the freestyle was AMAZING. I don't think I was able to blink, I was so busy watching all the lifts and all the complicated moves.

Jason Taylor looked so slow compared with Kristi, but the lifts he did were very impressive. And I appreciated how willing he and Edyta were to strip for their dance.

Cristian's freestyle seemed pretty cheesy, even for this show. Maybe it was all of his faces. I think the all of one-armed lifts he did were very exciting though.

In conclusion, Kristi Yamaguchi has owned this competition from beginning to end, and given me an excuse to watch the show again. For these reasons, and the aforementioned crimped hair, I hope she wins. GO KRISTI!