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Oh, the Places Kiira Korpi Will Go

Per, Ms. Korpi has graduated from secondary (high?) school. She is also aiming to study economics next. I find it pretty impressive that she will be pursuing higher education along with competitive skating, because she must already spend so many hours practicing skating already and economics is a pretty tough subject!

The skater is aiming for Tampere School of Economics and the entrance exams are held in June.

- I find the field of study interesting and my friends and sister have recommended it. I want to focus fully on skating, but studying is a good balance for sport.

Korpi knows that nobody can be a competitive athelete for ever.

- Hopefully in ten years I have a good skating career behind me and a happy work and family life ahead.

Korpi will be celebrating her student cap at home, guests are arriving on both saturday and sunday. After the festivities hard work continues: Korpi’s skating programs are renewed and later in summer she has training camps in Estonia and Sweden.

Congratulations to Korpi!