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Never Gonna Dance Again (the Way I Danced with Kristi Yamaguchi)

YAY!!!!! Kristi won. Of course, she should have won. Both Jason and Cristian grew on me and I loved the camaraderie the past two days, but I was very happy that the very best contestant ever to be on this show was able to win.

Kristi and Jason made the final two and Kristi repeated her jive, which up until last night was my favorite performance of the season. She didn't let up in her very last performance, getting another perfect 30 to make her final score an amazing 90. Jason's final dance, the quickstep, was very good and extremely energetic, and I was touched by his emotion at the end of the show. I will definitely be rooting for him to do well on the football field.

I'm so happy that the lovely Kristi Yamaguchi was able to become a household name once again, all because of her amazing talents on the dance floor. She never said a harsh word about her other competitors and she never had to. I hope this opens the door to whatever she wants to do from here on out and if it brought even a little attention to the sport of figure skating because they liked Kristi, then that will have been icing on the cake...