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Joubert Working with Platov

2007 World Champion Brian Joubert is working with two-time Olympic gold medalist Evgeny Platov for choreography. According to IceNetwork, Joubert is currently in Princeton with Platov. He worked with Platov earlier when Platov was part of Tatiana Tarasova's coaching team.
Platov said Joubert approached him at worlds in Gothenburg about doing the choreography. The two are currently on the ice at the Princeton Sports Center creating both short and long programs.

"He's picking up everything so fast," said Platov, who accepts only a small number of choreography requests. "I'm not that person who will be making a hundred programs a year. I want to do less, but more quality, especially with unique people like Brian and my own students (British ice dancers Sinead and John Kerr).

The drama here is that Joubert had been working with Kurt Browning. Word on the forums is that Browning actually was the one to tell Joubert he was too busy to work together extensively, but I of course cannot find the suppposed french article that came from (feel free to post in comments!).