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Janet Lynn's Speech

There has been some scuttlebutt surrounding former U.S. Champion Janet Lynn's recent speech at the USFS Governing Council Skater's Alumni Dinner. It has been floating around the internet that the speech was critical of that judging system and that is why it wasn't available at IceNetwork or the USFS website, while fellow speaker Michelle Kwan's speech was available. I have no idea about any of that since I wasn't there, but has published a letter from Lynn regarding the speech.

Here is an excerpt:

I suggested that USFS sponsor a commission led by gold medal champions to evaluate the health of our sport and to make concrete suggestions to USFS that will help move figure skating forward in a healthy way.

I also discussed my concern for the physical safety of young skaters. Indications are that generally, young bodies are not being properly prepared for the impact, flexibility, and elements that are being required of them. This troubles me. I believe this issue, and other issues, are problems that need to be wisely solved.

The intended purpose of my speech was to respectfully and honestly inspire those currently involved in the skating community toward a good and healthy path for the future of figure skating. I hope to make the speech available in some professional and appropriate format so that interested persons can have access to it.

The letter does not seem to be particularly incendiary, but I would love to have heard the original speech. Either way, Lynn is a highly respected champion and figure in the skating world, and even if she had criticism, it could have likely been regarded constructively. Diverse opinion and dissent are important. Since I have not been able to find any comments from USFS officials regarding the original speech, I cannot speak to how it was actually received.