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More to the Story...

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Aaron points out that there is quite more to the Grishuk date-rape story, and it is super-dramatic, as is often the case with Oksana "Pasha" Grishuk. ESPN has the different sides of the story.

Apparently, Halstead claims he and Grishuk had a three-year affair, while Grishuk denies a romantic relationship. An excerpt:

Grishuk, 36, said last month that she had not been romantically involved with Halstead, 61 and repeated that denial in Monday's statement.. She told investigators she knew him because they had discussed starting a clothing and vitamin line.
Molfetta, however, said that Halstead and Grishuk had had a lengthy romantic relationship and he had provided text messages, e-mails, telephone records and personal notes to the district attorney's office to prove it.
Schroeder said she was aware of Halstead's claims but that "it's unclear as to whether they had a relationship or not -- and frankly, that's just one part of this case." She said no charges would be filed against Grishuk.
Halstead said Grishuk wanted to marry him, but he was going through a divorce and told her no. He also said she wanted him to travel to Europe with her as her agent, but he refused.
"She got really upset with me because she said, 'Can't you find me a man with money who could take care of me?" Halstead told The Associated Press by telephone. "She kept saying, 'Jim, I'm in love with you."
Halstead said Grishuk initiated their April 12 meeting at the posh St. Regis Monarch hotel because she accused him of missing Valentine's Day. He said he believes she slipped the pill in her own drink when he left to use the restroom for about 15 minutes.

The case has been dropped, although I notice Grishuk has herself high-powered attorney Gloria Allred, who has never met a celebrity case she didn’t like. So, we’ll see if this is the end of the story.