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IFS Weir Article

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Figure Skating Universe pointed me to an article about Johnny Weir in the new issue of International Figure Skating and the link is here. There are some fun pictures and Weir is quoted in the article, which is all I need for an article to be entertaining. He talks about his big comeback last season, including his training with Galina Zmievskaya.

Although it took more than three months before Weir had his initial practice session with Zmievskaya, it took only seconds to experience just how demanding her particular style of discipline would be. "The first time I stepped onto the ice, I was informed that I was one minute late. Then I was reprimanded for wasting precious ice time doing stretching exercises. It was a very strict first date," said Weir with a smile. "It was also a glimpse of what was to come.

"I knew I had a lot to learn regarding the Russian way of controlling their athletes. I was never allowed to skate alone. Even while stretching in the ballet room, I was not allowed to work alone. Having a team of three people working with me most of the time, and always at least one, was something I had to get used to."

If you're a fan, definitely check it out, it's interesting.