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Lysacek Off To Moscow

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Icenetwork reportsEv that Evan Lysacek is off to Moscow for a few weeks to work on choreography with Tatiana Tarasova. Interestingly, Tarasova choreographed rival Johnny Weir's programs from 2003-2006. Lysacek normally works with Lori Nichol, and will still work with her according to the article, but is looking for a "new perspective."

Lysacek's consulting Tarasova may be a sign that he's trying to tap into his more lyrical side.

"[Tarasova's] unique gift is coming up with great ideas for people, to package them properly as athletes and promote them properly as a skater and an artist," Lysacek said. "It's something I wasn't necessarily ready for the last couple years, but I feel like I'm ready to take on that challenge."

Lysacek doesn't fancy himself much of a classical music buff (When Nichol came to him with Carmen in 2005, he had never heard it before), so he is going to Moscow with a completely clean slate.

"I'm just going to leave it in her hands and let her use me as a marionette doll."

Lysacek's programs tend to be full of passion, but perhaps he is hoping to get in touch with the more elegant side that Tarasova seems able to get out of many skaters. It will be interesting to see how his programs are different this season and what kind of impact she has.