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Jim Yorke Dies

Jim Yorke, U.S. ice dancing Skate America bronze medalist and a coach of Mirai Nagasu, among others, passed away at 45 years old the other day, according to Icenetwork. The article does not state how he died but says it was unexpected.

From the article:

Following his retirement from competitive skating, Yorke embarked on a professional career with five-time U.S. champion and three-time world bronze medalist Judy Blumberg and, later, with Kim Callahan. He was also sought out by many skaters for his expertise in choreography and footwork.

Yorke touched many lives through his lifelong involvement in skating. caught up with several of his closest friends in the sport and asked them to reflect on his life.

Nagasu coach Charlene Wong said of Yorke: "[Jim] was a friend, a wonderful skater and fabulous teacher," Wong said. "His work with Mirai was essential to her development as a skater and an artist. Jim worked hard in his unique way to help Mirai raise the emotional output and sincerity of her performances. He would teach Mirai basic skating skills or ice dance on the surface when, in fact, the underlying tone of the lessons were of a much greater value. He really gave of himself."