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Brian Boitano Keeps it Real

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UPDATED. I actually have the link now...sorry about that.

Here is a great Icenetwork interview with Brian Boitano. There are so many great aspects that I cannot excerpt it all so please go read. Here are some of my favorite parts:
ICE: Looking at the skaters around today, a lot of the guys are doing the same elements as you all did in the mid-'80s.
BB: Jeffrey Buttle did exactly the technical content this year that I did in the long program at Calgary. Isn't that funny? I got so many phone calls after worlds. People telling me "you could have won!" Give me a 20-year-old body, and I'll do it!
ICE: Is there anything that can be done to improve pro skating? Do we need a new crop of skaters like we had in the mid-'90s?
BB: We definitely need to do better in competitions, and we need to have it not be little girls. We need women. Our demographic is women who like watching other women -- the Jill Trenarys, the Debbie Thomases the Katarina Witts, the Nancy Kerrigans. They relate to women competing, not little girls, and as long as we have little girls winning the national championships, I don't think the popularity is ever going to come back.
Boitano also advocates bringing back the 6.0 scoring system, but the whole interview is great so go read it!
ICE: I was talking with Carol Heiss Jenkins also about how, with the scoring system now, you don't see a classic layback, camel-change-camel or smooth death spiral anymore without all these position changes.
BB: Yeah, and now we have all those crotch shot spins. (I add this because you might remember that I too am not the biggest fan of those crotch shot spins).