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Updated: New Rules

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Kwantifiable pointed me towards some rule changes by the International Skating Union. It's definitely worth a look, but here are some highlights:

For flips and lutzes:
Technical panel will use the sign "e" in cases where wrong edge takeoff is severe, in such cases GOE (grade of execution) will be reduced by -1 to -3. In cases where the wrong takeoff edge is not so obvious, the sign "!" will be used and GOE will be at the discretion of every judge. This is interesting considering the earlier recommendations that the two jumps actually be judged the same, forgetting about edges altogether.

Have one fewer element in a well-balanced program, for which the results will include the following:
Senior Men and Ladies, maximum of three spins.
Junior Men, maximum of one step sequence
Junior Ladies, maximum of one step sequence and "No any spiral sequence" (Can anyone explain that to me?)

If an axel jump follows another jump, without any steps, turns, hops, mazurkas and unlisted jumps, it will be counted as a jump sequence.

There's a lot more, be sure to check it out!

UPDATE: I didn't realize that Aaron at Axels, Loops, and Spins blogged about this a few days earlier than I did, but here is his post. He points out in his header that the new rules should help Asada; presumably because of the diminished deductions for flutzes.

I will also add that it will be interesting to see if the rule about one fewer element for a well-balanced program actually results in better...more fluid programs.