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Johnny Weir's Blog

An update from Johnny Weir's blog. He talks a lot about the shows he's been skating in and how he's spent the off-season. He also mentions training with Stephane Lambiel since Lambiel has switched coaches to Viktor Petrenko. Here is a snippet:

...I don't think anything bad will come out of this arrangement. I trust that my coaches will still work with me the same as they did before. I'm at the age, and maturity that I can understand that nothing Stephane does on a daily basis can change my ultimate goals or my drive. I will work hard and do my best regardless if one of my top rivals is there to see it or not. I know how well my coaching change worked for me last season and I'm glad that has been recognized by a top athlete no less, and I hope it will work for Stephane.

Weir also seems a bit sad to be missing out on Cup of Russia in the Grand Prix this year, but says he hopes to get there next year.

He also wrote about how Nina Petrenko (Galina Zmievskaya's daughter and Viktor's wife) choreographed a show number and that went so well that she is now choreographing his competition programs this year.