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Kristi Yamaguchi Too Nice/Good for Dancing with the Stars

Guideblog reports that ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson has been opining that last season's Dancing with the Stars lacked "dramatic tension," in part because Kristi was just too good for everyone else to keep up with!

"No mystery does take away from the fun of watching the show and from early on you knew that unless she fell there was no way she wasn't going to win."

Even worse, though, was McPherson saying that the contestants were just too nice! "You need some edge along with more competition. We'll definitely be looking for some entertaining personalities as we cast this season."

I love a good fight as much as the next girl (The Hills, anyone?), but for some reason on these "performance" and talent competition shows I'd rather see nice and talented people win than backstabbers make me uncomfortable. For example, I liked Season 4 of Project Runway a lot more than Season 3, due mostly to the fact that I didn't hate anyone personally (although I hated many designs!) and I didn't feel like anyone was maniacally evil (like when the very talented and future winner Jeffrey was mean to Angela's mom in Season 4! Too awkward). Anyway, this paragraph is the reason why I will never be a television executive.