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National Theatre on Ice Champions

There are a few interesting articles about U.S. Figure Skating's National Theatre on Ice champions. I didn't even know this was a competition until recently, but it sounds like a great thing to watch.

The winner this year was "Imagica" out of Boston. Apparently, the event also coincided with the International Theatre on Ice competition and the group won that too. The event took place last month in Burlington, Vermont.

A bit about the winners from Wicked Local Georgetown (ha, at first I saw Georgetown and thought - DC? And then I saw the "wicked." heh):

Imagica used a medley of music to tell the story of a group of retired Superheroes, who are caught in a dangerous cat and mouse game with a group of local thieves. The thieves steal the superheroes’ winnings on casino night at their retirement home, prompting necessary action.

After the theft takes place, a group of nurses, who take care of the superheroes, give the superheroes a shot of the super-strength Geritol, restoring their youthful strength. The superheroes then do battle with the thieves, reclaim their winnings and allow good to conquer evil.

"This was a challenging experience," said MacNichol, who played one of the thieves. "It’s a tough competition in that you have to balance both skating and acting."

Sounds a bit like the beginning of "The Incredibles." I would love to see one of these shows or competitions at some point.