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Kimmie Meissner Set for a Good Year

International Figure Skating magazine has a feature on former world champion Kimmie Meissner. She talks about her move to Florida to work with Richard Callaghan and Todd Eldredge and she seems upbeat and ready to take on the field and show she's still a contender.

The transition into her new environment took time the effervescent teenager said, but the change has made the world of difference in so many ways. "It is a big difference – I am more relaxed, and I think somewhere along the way I lost some of my love for skating the last couple of years," Meissner said. "But I feel like I am back where I once was – I just love to get on the ice every day.

"I feel very comfortable working with Mr. Callaghan and Todd is here so it has been really fun. Todd is so much fun. I don’t see him as coach Todd I see him as a friend. He is so funny, he does all these different voices on the ice, and he makes a joke out of anything. If I start getting really frustrated, he will say something funny and all the pressure disappears. It is so different for me. It is great, it is so much fun."

I hope the newfound confident attitude is reflected in her skating this season. Can't wait until Skate America!