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Plushenko Getting Married

Here is a Figure Skating Mystery translation of a Russian-language interview with Olympic gold medalist Evgeni Plushenko (NOTE: This man's name has been spelled so many ways - I am just going to go with the way he spells it on his website from now on and call it a day). He and love, Jana Rudkovsky (producer for singer Dima Bilan, whom Plushenko skated for during the Eurovision song contest) discussed their relationship and upcoming wedding.

Plushenko talked a little bit about his potential comeback to the amateur skating scene:

EP – I have already returned. I am practicing my new program. There are a lot of problems and complications. I have to drop some weight. My old traumas are bothering me a little bit. But on the whole, I am fine. The main thing is that I want to do it. I am jumping a steady triple Axel already. I started practicing combinations and other triple jumps. I tried a quad toe-loop as well. It is all good. The 2010 Olympics is my main goal, but first we have to live through 2009.

Rudkovsky is apparently training to participate in an ice show with Plushenko; she is hoping to do pairs skating. It doesn't sound like she has too much experience, but I guess she has a good teacher in Plushenko. The article also mentions that both skaters have child-custody problems from prior marriages, and the interview mentions that Rudkovsky has to work out her situation before getting married, so hopefully both will work those situations out soon.