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First Emmy, then Oscar reports that Scott Hamilton has his agents pursuing acting work for him, and that he's studying and looking for opportunities.

"I love performing, so whatever the vehicle is, I enjoy every moment of it."

Hamilton says his children, a 4-year-old and 6-month-old, were a large part of him agreeing to poke fun at himself as an Olympic figure-skating champion on hand to cover the Fairy World Games to determine "The Best Magical Creature in the Universe" in "The Fairly Oddlympics" special. "Things like this are just so remarkable and enjoyable to do and they open you up to a whole new demographic. I'll show it to my son for sure." He adds that he'd also like to pursue some serious acting, then quips, "but I'm waiting for Brad Pitt to slow down when he's waiting for the seventh or eighth kid. Maybe Clooney will put me on speed dial for 'Oceans 17.'"