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Evan Lysacek Journal Update

Evan Lysacek has updated his Figureskatersonline journal. He talks about the benefit show he is working on called "An Evening of Hope," which is being organized in the memory of his friend, Stephanie Joseph, (also a skater) who recently died from soft tissue sarcoma. The show will be Geneva, IL on September 27 and ticket information can be found here.

Lysacek also spoke a bit about last season:

Right before leaving for Sweden, my blade snapped while I was doing a jump. I knew something wasn't right as soon as I hit the ice so I headed over to the emergency room to get checked out. The doctors found that I had a sprained rotator cuff and sprained ligaments in my left forearm, elbow and shoulder – not good. It was one of the worst things that could have happened but thankfully, I didn't break anything. I always hate having to be off the ice though.

I knew that I could not perform to the best of my ability at Worlds with those injuries so I made the difficult decision to withdraw. Honestly, I was disappointed because I felt that before the injury, my skating was almost where it needed to be. I think that I could have done well at the competition but things happen — and at least I was able to end my season on a high note at the Japan Open.

Lysacek also says he'll be skating to "Bolero" for his short program and "Rhapsody in Blue" for the long. I'm looking forward to seeing the programs. I know both pieces have been done a thousand times, but I always love a good "Bolero" program, I can't help it!