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From Skating Queen to Retail Queen in Kirkland, Washington has a great article on Olympic silver medalist Rosalynn Sumners' endeavors since she stopped touring a few years ago. She initially went into the real estate business but then turned her attention to retail. She opened a home decor store last year called Bella Tesori, and more recently opened an adjoining baby apparel store called Bella Bambini. The stores sound lovely.

Both of her stores also offer custom services, included custom murals at Bella Bambini and custom faux painting, furniture and interior decorating services at Bella Tesori.

So far, she has "just touched the tip of the iceberg" finding her treasures in New York and Seattle show rooms. But her finds are global in scope, ranging from Indonesian furniture to lamps from the Philippines, which pack her nearby warehouse behind Anthony’s Home Port restaurant.

"People ask, ‘well, how are you doing,’ and I don’t really know because I’ve never done it before," Sumners said of her stores.

She’s learning everything as she goes and "it’s definitely a whole, cool new adventure."