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Evan Lysacek on IceNetwork

In the better late than never category, Evan Lysacek was featured on last week. He discusses his "Evening of Hope" benefit that's taking place on September 27 in Geneva, Illinois.

Lysacek also discusses his new programs with Tatiana Tarasova. Could it be that we'll be seeing an entirely new skater this season?

In June, Lysacek headed to Russia, where he worked with Tatiana Tarasova for nearly three weeks. She choreographed a new short program for him, set to "Bolero," and a long program set to "Rhapsody in Blue." It was a different creative collaboration than he'd ever experienced, and he says it suited him perfectly at this point in his career.

"I didn't really have input choosing the music. I didn't really have very much input in the choreography. That's exactly what I wanted," Lysacek says. "It was exactly what I asked for. I asked Tatiana to basically reinvent my skating and reinvent my style. Hopefully she's proud of the product. I really am working hard to make me proud of the product I'm putting out because I want to represent her well. She's so selective in who she works with that I really do want to represent her well. "It's taking a lot of work to change and adapt my style to the programs that I have, but I think it's kind of cool. It's like when someone gives you a gift, and you think, 'I never would have gotten this for myself.'"

Lysacek says it's time to "shake things up." We'll see if it works...