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Michelle Kwan: Door is Open for 2010

IFSMagazine says that during this morning's Today Show interview, Michelle Kwan said the door is open to competing in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

"After watching Michael Phelps, beach volleyball, Nastia [Liukin], I’m inspired," said Kwan. "Vancouver is a year and a half away. You have to have heart, soul and mind to be in the Olympics. I’ve left all doors open. I haven’t closed any doors."

Kwan said she is training, all while attending the University of Denver studying International Relations. Kwan said down the road she’d like to attend graduate school. Kwan said, "I have a full plate."

That Olympic spirit must be contagious for someone like Kwan, who is obviously so competitive in her own right. My guess is we won't find out anything more concrete about Kwan's skating ambitions until late next year.