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New Pro Skating Competition with Kurt Browning

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International Figure Skating Magazine reports on a new professional skating competition that will take place at Foxwoods in Connecticut. It is unclear from the article when the show will actually take place, and although the headline says "hitting the airwaves," there is also no information about when it will be televised, although it is taking place Dec. 18-23, so maybe it will air then. The show is called "Thin Ice," and viewers will vote for their favorites, with their vote being split 50 percent with a panel of judges.

What they can tell us is that World Champion Kurt Browning is performing, Ice Dancing World Champ Shae-Lynn Bourne is choreographing, and Olympic gold medalists Dick Button and Katarina Witt are judging.

Browning, 42, will face skaters as much as 14 years younger than himself in what could be his final competition.

"I just couldn't resist," said Browning, who was recently voted Canada's second-greatest athlete of all-time, behind Wayne Gretzky. "This is such a great opportunity for skating, I wanted to be part of it.

"But excuse me, I must get to the gym immediately," he quipped.

The other five competitors in the field will be announced shortly.

I can't wait to see who they have Browning competing against. I will let you know when and where it's going to air as soon as I find out.