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BREAKING NEWS: Jeffrey Buttle Retires From Skating

WOW. I wish I could have brought you this news the other day (I wish he had told me!), but the announcement was just made: Jeffrey Buttle, reigning mens world champion, is retiring from competitive skating, as reported by CBC News.

"After a few months, and after I recovered from the high, I decided to look at everything I've accomplished," Buttle told reporters at a Toronto hotel on Wednesday. "And coming to this decision, I had to make sure that I was proud and satisfied with everything that I've done. At that point, I was sure."

Buttle, an Olympic bronze medalist, is 26, which is getting up there for competitive skaters, I suppose, but I was sure he would stick around to compete in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Although he didn't do the quad at worlds, he really appeared to be skating so well (obviously - he was World Champ!), so I really am shocked.

I'll try to post more later about Buttle's career and decision.