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Sign up for Vancouver Olympic Tickets!

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports that sign-up has begun for the Vancouver Olympics. U.S. citizens can go to to sign up for the ticket lottery and everyone who signs up between now and November 7 gets an equal shot at tickets. Of course, organizers are expecting high demand for figure skating tickets.

Now, you should know that this is essentially an agreement that you will buy the tickets if you are chosen in the lottery, so if you sign up for the max of 48 tickets, there is a crazy chance that you might actually get the seats, so think about it before you sign up. Fortunately, it's not first-come first-served right now, through November 7 all U.S. and various other nation's citizens are in the same boat. Canadians have a different ticketing method as I believe the home country receives preference.

Figure skating tickets run from $50 to $450 depending on seating. Good luck to everyone. Let's regroup in December and see who got tickets!!!