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Superfriends, Unite!

Rapid City, South Dakota is hosting the Progressive Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular, which will feature major gymnasts and skaters in what is called "the most Olympic medalists and world champions to ever converge in one place, and at one time, in South Dakota history," by the Rapid City Journal.

The gymnasts who are expected to perform include Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson, Paul Hamm, Mirai Nagasu, Evan Lysacek, Todd Eldredge, and others. It will take place on December 23 and will air on NBC on January 18. Bart Conner, Peggy Fleming and Nadia Comenici will commentate.

I think there may have been events like this before but I've never seen any. It's a good idea though, I think that figure skating and Tgymnastics fans tend to be in the same demographic. Sounds like a fun show.

...the floor of the civic center’s new arena will have the ice rink that will be flanked by the gymnasts’ floor exercise area and other apparatuses.

"There will be a gymnastics event going on one side of the ice," he said. "There will be skating going on in between, and Raven will be doing numbers and skits in between all of that. So it is a very packed couple of hours."

Tickets go on sale Friday.