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In Her Own Words: Kiira Korpi

Kiira Korpi has left a message to her fans on her web site. She explains that she had hurt her legs, and then got a virus that she's still trying to get over.

In the end of August at our national team camp everything was going well, both on and off the ice including the physical tests we had. However after that there appeared some problems. My legs were badly jammed and because of recovering problems I had to lighten my practice program quite much. My legs didn't accept any training methods that would help the legs to recover so I went hydro running every day. That was good because I didn't get any cramps from that. After a while I was able to go walking and jogging and the week before I even got to the ice. I was able to practice a bit harder and the legs felt better, but then sadly I was taken ill by some virus. I had to stay in bed and it still appears to be a stubborn case.

It worries me that she hasn't been able to get over the virus; I'm reminded of Roger Federer who apparently played the whole tennis season while suffering from Mono! I hope Korpi doesn't take such a risk. However, Korpi sounds optimistic that she'll be able to skate this season, although she'll be missing this week's Finlandia Trophy. She also recently started University, so there is a lot going on for Korpi. Let's wish her a quick recovery.