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To Top Off Kristi Yamaguchi Day,

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I have a Q&A with her from the Arizona Republic. She talks about the Kristi Yamaguchi Friends and Family Show that will take place this Sunday.

She also provides some commentary on this season's Dancing With The Stars, as well as her "recovery" from the show:

Q: Any predictions on who will win the current season?

A: Out of the gate Brooke Burke is far and away the best. Beyond that it's a toss-up. Lance Bass has a huge fanbase, which should take him far. Toni Braxton, she's got that personality that makes you want to root for her.

Q: After your Dancing with the Stars win, has it been difficult to get back on the ice?

A: I've actually been off the ice for quite a while, I mostly do stage shows now. The others in the show are still active and touring however. But I started practicing in July, and I've been on the ice pretty much every morning getting ready for the show. Because I'm not performing, it takes a couple months to get ready, even though I'm not doing any hard tricks.

Something not to be missed is Yamaguchi's oldest daughter, Keara, will be on the ice with her this year! How adorable. As we blogged earlier, the show benefits Kristi's Always Dream Foundation, and it will air on NBC on November 8.