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An Evening with Champions Review

The Harvard Crimson has a review of An Evening with Champions, which took place at Harvard and benefits cancer research organization The Jimmy Fund.

I cracked up a bit when the article refers to Paul Wylie as "Paul S. Wylie," it reminded me of when Sarah Palin called McCain "John S. McCain" and it was he first time I'd heard it. I think plain old Paul Wylie will suffice.

There is also a bit about Ludmila and Oleg Protopopov, who wont the 1964 and 1968 Olympic gold medals for pairs skating:

Many skaters said that the charity is the main reason why they participate.

The Protopopovs declared that they will continue to skate "until cancer was defeated." The pair, after receiving a standing ovation from the audience, performed a short encore.

Wylie called the Russian couple "skating legends." Even in their 70s, the Protopopovs still skate an average of 16 hours a week. This year’s performance marks their 20th consecutive appearance in the show, as well as their 50th year skating together.