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Lambiel Announcement Upcoming

I started to figure something was up when a bunch of people came to my blog searching the terms "Lambiel" and "retirement," and it seems my concerns were justified. According to the blog "Miho Entwistle Favorites," Lambiel will be making an announcement on Thursday. Lambiel has been scratched (um, is that just a horse term?) from Skate Canada and Trophee Eric Bompard. Lambiel has an injured abductor muscle on his leg that has been plaguing him for awhile, as we have previously reported. Is he going to be taking the season off? Retiring? There were definitely some rumors of his retirement earlier in the year, but I thought after his move to train with Petrenko and Zmievskaya, those rumors were at rest for awhile. I am hoping this isn't a retirement, but I guess only Lambiel and his doctors know what is best for him as far as skating.