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Practice Session News

The LA TImes'' Fabulous Forum reports that former World Champion Kimmie Meissner had a rough practice session yesterday at Skate America.

Meissner, of Bel Air. Md., fell four times in her warm-up and again on a double axel while practicing her long program. She also appeared to be off balance on a couple of landings and touched her hand to the ice on landing a toe jump.

Richard Callaghan, who took over as her coach shortly before the last World Championships, said the process of rebuilding her confidence and her technique continues.

Maybe she can leave the falls in practice and she'll be able to skate a clean program today as the ladies take the ice for their short programs.

In other practice news, Icenetwork reports that Miki Ando has been landing her quad salchow in practice sessions at Skate America. Ando landed the jump in competition back in 2002 in a Junior Grand Prix competition. I think everyone has been waiting for her land one so it'll be quite interesting to see if she actually does attempt it this weekend. The article says Ando has lost ten pounds to help with the jump rotation, so she is obviously committed to getting it done.