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Kimmie Meissner Shouldn't Give Up, Says Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun has an article about why former world champion Kimmie Meissner shouldn't give up hope in her skating career, despite a very shaky run that was highlighted last weekend in a poor showing at Skate America. I'm not sure I agree with all the article's points (it seems to somewhat discount both Skate America, since it isn't the true "goal" of the season, which is Nationals, as well as the entire 2008-09 season, because it's a year to the Olympics). I feel like skaters should always be striving to do their best. However, since the article is providing reasons Kimmie shouldn't quit, I guess it makes sense.

Some nice excerpts:

•Callaghan and Meissner's other coach, Todd Eldredge, have called their pupil "a work in progress." The skater said her teachers "are tearing me down and rebuilding me." In other words, if you want instant gratification, look elsewhere.

-If that's not enough, remember the lesson of Paul Wylie. At the 1991 world championships, Wylie finished 11th and a prominent judge called his coaches to urge Wylie to retire to make room for younger skaters. At the 1992 U.S. championships, "a lot of people were angry that I was there," Wylie recalled. But five weeks later at the Olympics, the oldest man on the ice won the silver medal. "The beauty of redemption is my story, and I want that for other people who have been kicked to the curb," he said. "Kimmie Meissner is far from done."

I don't know why anyone would want Meissner to quit. I mean, as long as she's committed to figuring out what is going wrong, she really does have so much beauty and potential in her skating. It's hard to watch her nowadays because she does seem so fragile (like any fall or mistake becomes a major failure). But the season only just started, so there's a ways to go. Meissner's next competition is Cup of Russia.