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Castile and Okolski Withdraw from Cup of China

The US Figure Skating website says that Brooke Castile and Ben Okolski have withdrawn from Cup of China, the Grand Prix event coming up this weekend. The article says that Castile suffered a heel contusion while practicing a triple split twist. Castile and Okolski are the current U.S. bronze medalists.

Johnny Johns, the team's longtime coach, believes the decision to withdraw from the competition is the right one.

"I felt it was in the best interest of Brooke's recovery, and the best interest of the team, to pull her off the ice for the remainder of this week, to give her foot more time to heal," Johns said. "We are hoping with rest and therapy she will be ready to go for Russia."

The pair unfortunately had to withdraw from its Grand Prix events last year due to injury; let's hope Castile gets better and they can make it back for Cup of Russia. Chelsi Guillen and Danny Curzon, Junior bronze medalists, will replace Castile and Okolski in the event.